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It was with great  sadness that I learned of Kirk's sudden death on August 7, 2009, nearly 8 years after his jouney of a new life had begun. Although I could write many things about Kirk, the one thing that stands out is his infectious smile and willingness to help others. He has many friends worldwide that will miss him deeply. He was like a brother to me and as such will also be missed, but never forgotten.

 There are a few tribut sites for Kirk. Please visit them.



His original site:



 Who am I?

My name is Mark and I have created this site for you to learn more about my life as a Morbidly Obese person, to follow my progress before, during and after Weight Loss Surgery.

Please feel free to explore at your own pace, just be sure to keep along the marked path. Its easy to get lost.

Listing Site Updates
March 3, 2001 - Founded Feeling.itgo.com
March 6, 2001 - Started main page.
March 7, 2001 - Added Chat to Custom Page
March 25, 2001 - Added Tammy's Music to What's New Page!!!
June 7, 2001 - I have a surgery date! Sept 12, 2001 YAAAAA!!!!!

Sept 15, 2001 - I made it!!! I am officially on my way to a new and better life!
February 2001 - 625 lbs.
Click on the picture above to be taken to my Obesityhelp.com profile. Without the people I met in chat on that site, I probably would not have considered surgery, nor would I have ever met some of the most loving, caring, genuine people on the planet.

Addendum:Too bad that right before my surgery, I had a run-in with a moderator and now I am permanently banned from the chat room. It was a great source of support and I miss all my friends. If you stop by there, tell 'em ArkyMark says Hello!

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February 2002 -105 lbs.
Its funny to see what 12 months can do for a person.
This pic was taken Feb. 26, 2002, just 5.5 months after my gastric bypass surgery.

I can't imagine being the person in the top picture ever again.
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